This page includes a list of seminars that I have either organized or co-organized (co-organizers are always listed).

  • Spring 2018–Fall 2019 “Mathematical Physics Seminar” at UConn
  • Fall 2014—2016 “CCNY High Energy Journal Club.”
  • Fall 2014 “Mathematical Physics, Fourier Series, and Applications Student Seminar” co-organized with Professor Azita Mayeli of CUNY BMCC.
  • Fall 2012—Fall 2014 “Foundations of Physics” co-organized at different intervals with Ryan Abrahams and Marcelo Nomura (see description below).
  • Fall 2013—Spring 2014 “Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Student Seminar” co-organized with Professor Azita Mayeli of CUNY BMCC.
  • Spring 2013 “Mathematical Physics Student Seminar.”
  • Fall 2012 “Gauge Theory Student Seminar.”
  • Fall 2011—Spring 2012 “Gauge Theory Student Seminar” co-organized with Brian Sulkow of CUNY Graduate Center.
  • Fall 2011 “Categories and Linear Algebra.” Notes available here (warning: these were scratch notes and contain several errors)

I was part of Mahmoud Zeinalian’s group on algebraic topology, K-theory, and cohomology theories.


The Gauge theory student seminar was my way of learning the content of John C. Baez’ and Javier P. Muniain’s book “Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity,” but we also focused on many other aspects. One of the goals of the seminar was to bring math and physics students together. Students always gave talks. Participants/speakers included Brian Sulkow, Byungdo Park, Steven Vayl, Ryan Abrahams, Ugur Guney, Kai Luo, Axel Corbero, Franklin Lee, Josiah Sugarman, and myself.

The Mathematical Physics Student Seminars and related were the children of the Gauge Theory Student Seminar. However, the spirit of the seminar remained the same bringing math and physics students together. As of Spring 2015, I am no longer an organizer of the seminar leaving my duties to younger students.

The Foundations of Physics Seminar is an informal meeting of students to discuss issues at the foundations of physics. At the beginning, this seminar was started by Ryan Abrahams of CUNY York College. Later, I took over, and even later, Marcelo Nomura of CUNY City College co-organized it with me.

The CCNY High Energy Journal Club was suggested to me by Professor V. P. Nair. Its goal is to bring together the students of the High energy theory group at CCNY to discuss modern advances in physics. Our main topics included, but were not restricted to, topological phases of matter and the information paradox. Our participants included Amol Deshmukh, Brian Dressner, Cedric, Azeem Ul Hasan, Jiusi Lei, Ariana van Gelder, Cody Youmans, and myself. Students gave talks on topics of interest related to the themes mentioned above. In addition, other students and faculty members have been invited to give lectures including Ugur Guney and Professor Daniel Kabat of CUNY Lehman College.

"You can never verify a theory, you can only verify its predictions." – Venkataraman Balakrishnan